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"With realisation of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world"


The Well-Being Series Mobile Apps - Samantha Touchais

The Well-Being Series offers a series of easy-to-use downloadable apps that offer a combination of positive affirmation tracks, relaxation tracks and meditations to enable you to create the right state of mind to overcome the problems that you are facing.

The Well-Being Series Books - Samantha Touchais

The Well-Being Series was founded on the belief that our thoughts become reality. In fact, words are the gateway to our reality, and the words we say to ourselves and the messages we absorb consciously and unconsciously during the day can make a massive difference to the life you live.  Put simply, through positive affirmations, meditations and carefully chosen reading material you can create and live the life you have always desired.  You can unchain yourself from worries and live in the true freedom that you deserve.


To help you with this, the Well-Being Series offers a selection of life-changing books for both adults and children.  They will help you and guide you towards conscious living and a life free of fear. Enjoy!

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