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well-being for kids & teens

Well-being for Kids and Teens is a self-esteem building tool that helps children to feel better about themselves, building their resilience and helping them feel strong enough to take on life's challenges. 

Using positive affirmations (auto-suggestion tracks) as well as a lovely meditation designed especially for children and teenagers, the difference in self-esteem and self-belief can be seen within a short period of time when used regularly.


What's inside:

- 60 affirmations tracks for children aged 4 to 11, covering a large number of topics that children face everyday

- 60 affirmations tracks for teens aged 12+, covering a large number of topics that teens face everyday 

- option to personalise your own playlist

- a 5-minute relaxation that can be used with the affirmations, or separately, to help reduce anxiety and build a calm state of mind to enable better focus and problem-solving.  Used in the evening, it can lead to a good night's sleep

- a sticker book for kids with a sticker reward given each time a session is completed

- beautiful life quotes to encourage a state of hope, peace and joy in teens

- a tracking system to allow parents and children to track their progress and get an overview of which tracks are played the most



Affirmations - Kids

Affirmations - Angry - Well-Being Series

Affirmations - Teens

Image-1 (1).jpg
Affirmations - Self Esteem - Well-Being Series


Relaxation sample - Well-Being Series
Kids - Free samples
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