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Build your child’s self-esteem in a few minutes a day


Re-program your brain for happiness, money, joy, balance and fulfilment



Connect to your baby and create an amazing pregnancy and birth journey in just 10 minutes a day.


well-being for kids & teens

Well-being for Kids and Teens is a self-esteem building tool that helps children to feel better about themselves, building their resilience and helping them feel strong enough to take on life's challenges. 

Using positive affirmations (auto-suggestion tracks) as well as a lovely meditation designed especially for children and teenagers, the difference in self-esteem and self-belief can be seen within a short period of time when used regularly.


What's inside:

- 60 affirmations tracks for children aged 4 to 11, covering a large number of topics that children face everyday

- 60 affirmations tracks for teens aged 12+, covering a large number of topics that teens face everyday 

- option to personalise your own playlist

- a 5-minute relaxation that can be used with the affirmations, or separately, to help reduce anxiety and build a calm state of mind to enable better focus and problem-solving.  Used in the evening, it can lead to a good night's sleep

- a sticker book for kids with a sticker reward given each time a session is completed

- beautiful life quotes to encourage a state of hope, peace and joy in teens

- a tracking system to allow parents and children to track their progress and get an overview of which tracks are played the most



Affirmations - Kids

Affirmations - Angry - Well-Being Series

Affirmations - Teens

Image-1 (1).jpg
Affirmations - Self Esteem - Well-Being Series


Relaxation sample - Well-Being Series

well-being for ADULTS


Simple to use and full of wonderful meditation and relaxation tracks, as well as powerful affirmations tracks, this app is designed to help you manifest your desires in a strong and powerful way.

Based on neuro-science, Well-Being for Adults is an abundance manifesting tool that re-programs the brain to attract positive events into your life, leading to the creation of the life you have always dreamed of. 

Containing a large offering of affirmations, relaxation and meditation tracks, this app will help raise your vibrations and create the necessary neural pathways that will lead to a state of mind that will attract all you desire into your life, whether it’s better health, a loving relationship, more money, a dream home life and much more. 


What’s inside:
-    120 affirmations tracks that positively create and reinforce the change you want to see in your life when used regularly
-    A relaxation track that allows your brain to be a in a better receptive state for your affirmations
-    A gratitude meditation that is not only great for calming and relaxing the mind, but also opens the mind to an abundance consciousness and your heart to forgiveness and joy
-    A Before Bed affirmation track that helps you to let go of your day, to fall asleep better and to create an abundantly successful following day
-    A Morning Affirmation track to help you start the day in a positive and optimistic way, which will help you achieve your goals.  The positivity and state of gratitude created by this track will attract abundance and blessings into your life
-    Option to personalize your own playlist

All of these tracks can be played separately or together in different combinations allowing you the flexibility to create your own personal solution for attracting abundance into your life. Using this app daily will not only have a positive effect on your mental and physical health, but it can be used to enhance relationships, strengthen self-esteem and increase mental strength.

Subscription pricing and terms:
Try the app for free for 3 days and then a yearly subscription is 39 CHF per year.
These prices are for Switzerland customers.  Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.



Gratitude meditation

WBA Gratitude Meditation.PNG
Gratitude Meditation - Well-Being Series

Try the app for free!

Kid &Teens
Adult sample
Kids samples

well-being for PREGNANCY

& YOUNG mothers

WBP - Splash.png

This app uses meditation, relaxation and positive affirmations to help you connect to your baby, calm your fears, prepare for the birth and really enjoy this time of being pregnant.


Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in a woman’s life but can also be one of worry and fear about how the pregnancy is progressing and what the birth will be like.  While the best thing is to remain calm and maintain a positive mindset, it is not always easy to do. A simple yet highly effective way to take control of your pregnancy, to add more joy to your pregnancy experience and to gain the confidence you need to have a positive birth experience, is through the daily use of affirmations and relaxation.


The pregnancy section of the app is designed to partner with you throughout your pregnancy, to help keep you calm, to quiet any fears or concerns you may have and to help create a joyful pregnancy. By listening to your chosen affirmations tracks daily, as well as the lovely relaxing meditations, you can take charge of your pregnancy and enjoy these few short months while you prepare for the birth of your beautiful baby.  


The birth section of the app uses positive affirmations which can help tremendously when it comes to confidence and creating a state of calm control.  Listened to in the weeks leading up to the due date, as well as while in labor, the affirmations tracks and the relaxing and empowering meditations will help create the ideal circumstances and state-of-being for giving birth to your beautiful baby. 


What’s inside:
-    80 affirmations that create a positive pregnancy and birth experience and help you be in control the whole time
-    3 pregnancy meditations focusing on reducing morning sickness, connecting to your unborn baby and to relax and reduce anxiety
-    3 birth meditations and visualisations to prepare for the birth, to relieve pain and anxiety, and to release fears 
-    Option to personalize your own playlist


All of these tracks can be played separately or together in different combinations allowing you the flexibility to create your own personal solution for managing and enjoying your pregnancy and birth experience. 

Using this app daily will not only have a positive effect on your mental and physical health, but it will help you to connect to your baby and create a feeling of positive calm control that will carry you through the pregnancy and birth and into motherhood.



Meditation - Connect to baby

Connect to baby.jpg
Connect to baby meditation - Well-Being Series
Pregnancy sample
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